Library Information System: SoapService SOAP Web Service

The libary information system SOAP API

The following operations are supported. For a formal definition, please review the Service Description .

Return Value Operation
Retrieves the list of users in the system for the current user's session
AuthorAuthor_RetrieveById ( int id, )
Retrieves a single author by its id
Book_Delete ( int id, )
Deletes an existing book in the system
BookBook_Insert ( Book?  book, )
Adds a new book to the system
Retrieves a list of books in the system
ArrayOfBookBook_RetrieveByDateRange ( dateTime startDate, dateTime endDate, )
Retrieves a list of books by a date range
BookBook_RetrieveById ( int id, )
Retrieves a single book by its id
Book_Update ( Book?  book, )
Updates an existing book in the system
intBook_UploadImage ( int id, base64Binary?  imageBytes, )
Uploads a file and returns the byte count
booleanConnection_Authenticate ( string?  userName, string?  password, )
Authenticates the user before using other web service functions
Disconnects the current user's session